Working Dogs for Working Kennels

We focus on working dogs out of ELI,  Bass Tramp Red Boy , Jeep -Red Boy-Jocko ! We are an active kennel and breed with the sole purpose of producing dogs that can compete anywhere in the world and excell no matter what is asked of them! 

Our Eli Dogs

our special blend of Eli dogs grom Gotias Hootens Hard times, Clemmons Six bits Nigger Toby, Boudreaux's Maverick stock,  Ch Chinaman,  Hootens Pistol , Gr ch  Niggerino  and Gr Ch Art Dogs! We also add a touch of Ch Bimbo 4xw which is a cross of old Mexican Cactus Jack blood crossed with Clemmonds Eli Stock! Good healthy line breeding keeps our dogs competitive and game without loosing the raw power and explosive abilty these dogs are known for ! 

Our Red Boy Dogs

We are proud to be working pure red boy stock from Pit Islands Boomer ROM Stock through our Merengue 2xw dog, and out Holland Cadilac bitches ! Oud red boy dogs are more than pretty pedigrees as they have earned their right to reproduce !  We look forward to crossing our red boy dogs into our Santander dogs and our Powerful Eli Dogs 

Our Jeep Red Boy dogs

our stock comprised of our S.R Hanibal lector dog which is a Tab x Ruby X Shorty x Ronnie through double Ch Tuffy crossed with Tants Travis ( red boy jocko )  x Tab x Irene dogs, In short some of the absolute best Jeep honeybunch crossed into Bass Tramp Red boy stock! Our females Stormwitch is Jeep Red boy throuch Ch slim Shady crossed with the Cottingham strain of red boy dogs throuch Reno 2xw 2x bis with a touch of Boyles and Hardcore kennels yellow x jeep  for good healthy line breeding!