CH Merengue 4XW RIP

CH Merengue 4xw RIP

Ch Merengue is a 100%  Bonified Champion and pure red boy dog that does back up his pedigree!  He was won in spain at 48 pounds ans in Mexico at 47 and is at 45 for his championship ! An extremely smart head dog that finishes strong ! There is no feeling like a red boy dogs in the corners during clutch time! We are proud of our Red boy dog ! Merengue also is a very tall , long and big dog for his weight , he is literally a 50 pound dogs that shows at 44-45!  Merengue will be bred to our Eli, and Santander dogs as well as our pure Holland red boy bitches !  RIP showed the world Red Boy dogs are still competitive and can out game them !

Tequila 2XW BIS

Tequila 2xw BIS

Tequila is the most powerful explosive PURE ELI dog we have had the pleasure to own! He packs a wicked punch and strength like a bull and lightning like reflexes like a cat! He can dance aswell as he can push! If you want that raw american muscle look no further!  THis is all the mouth you need in your program without sacrificing heart or smarts! 

Sr. Hanibal Lector 1 XD 2.25 RIP

Santander Sr Hanibal Lector

Sr Hanibal comes from Mainlines best CH Tuffy Crosses bred to Tants X Tab crosses ! Hanibal is 100% Bulldog and will make his appearace in 2011! He has all the tools to get it done , great mouth , intensity second to none and sublime finish! This dog is the definition of game ! He will be bred to our Reno 2xw and our CH Comino daughters in the future !  Drew in 2 hours twenty five minutes making amazing amazing scratches! 

RIP We miss you big boy