Santander Family Stock

Santander Eli Stock

Santanders Tsunami

Tsunami is one of our base brood bitches, She is a solid solid dog in her own right ! Great Body dog from the CH Tyson cactus jack eli line blended with the Cuatrera Hootens hard time Niggerino Art dogs with a touch of Conde Morena mexicos old game Bulyson dogs! She has whelped 7 pups from Tequila and we are keeping most of them!


Santanders Salsa

Santander's Salsa is a pure clemmons bitch !  A blend of Zebo, Nigger Toby, Six Bits blood that is as game as any other lines! I have had great success crossing clemmonds into my Machobuck line and I imaging the fireworks from her to Tequila ! Salsa has the strongest body I have seen on a female shes like a brick house and so is Tequila so we are excited about pups late summer of 2011! 

Santanders Black Beauty

Santanders Black Beaty is a gift from our friends Tex Mex Kennels from Spain! Thanks a ton Rafa! The Tex Mex bimbo dogs are probably the single most tested, most campaigned dogs from the Eli line in the last 15 years! CH Bimbo has more miles on him than any other dog I have heard of twice to mexico and once to Holland from Spain!  The raw power and speed of these Bimbo dogs are few and far between and can beat the best of the best! THe Clemmons x Cactus jack x CH Bruto  x Stufowler X Bulyson Mexican Eli dogs have won all over the world and even imbred! We have bred Beauty to Tequila and expect life crushing eli dogs for the future ! 



Santanders Wicked Witch

Santanders WIcked Witch is a Gotias x Callejas bitch that is a super talented show dog in her own right! WW is almost all Eli x Boomerang X Callejas old Eli Stufowler dogs! This bitch does nothing but produce solid good dogs ! We have two females from her to Tequila and we are looking forward to working with them soon ! 



Santander Red Boy Stock

Our Jeep-Red Boy Stock

Santander Stormwitch

Our Stormwitch bitch is a gift from our friends in USA! She will be bred to Our Sr. Hanibal Lector! She is jeep redboy through the CH Rutkus cottingham red boy stock! Thanks a ton guys!